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Micro / Nano / Bio Systems

Micro/Nano/Bio Systems

Bio-Fluid System Lab
Bio-Fluid System Lab
Advisor Sehyun Shin
Tel +82-2-3290-3859
Location Innovation Hall Bldg. #334
Link http://Bioeng.korea.ac.kr
Research Focus Droplet Digital PCR, Microfluidics, Surface-Plasmon DNA Biosensors, Rolling Circle Amplification, Sample preparation.
Introduction Our research interest focuses in Molecular diagnostics based on PCR and Biofluid-mechanics research, property of biofluid and flow studies, microfluidic system design and application technology development, non-Newtonian hydrodynamics, fluid system design and biochip engineering.
 Multiscale Nature-inspired Mechanics Lab.
Nanomaterial, Nanomanufacturing and Nanodevice Lab. (N3L)
Advisor Chang-Soo Han
Tel 02)3290-4952
Location Innovation bldg. 601-602
Link http://www.mnml.korea.ac.kr/
Research Focus
  • Nano Processes: graphene (2D material) transfer, graphene oxide coating, nanoimprint patterning
  • Nano Fluidics: artificial ion channel, graphene oxide membrane for water treatment, graphene (2D material) nanochannel, Ion channel based energy harvesting device
  • Nanobiomimetic Sensors: nanopore sensor, sensory organ inspired biomimetic sensors (heat, pressure, strain, light etc.), gas & photonic sensor
Introduction Through nanomaterials and nanotechnology, we are developing nanoprocess, nature-inspired sensors and nanomachines.
Nano energy transport & conversion lab.
Nano energy transport & conversion lab.
Advisor Ohmyoung Kwon
Tel 02-3290-3855
Location Innovation bldg. 432
Link http://kumeme.cafe24.com
Research Focus Development of instrumentation and technique for measurement of physical properties in nanoscale. Measurement of energy transport and conversion phenomena in nano material and device.
Introduction Our research interest focuses in measurement of energy transport and conversion phenomena in nano materials and devices. Related to this, we have developed instrumentations and techniques (SThM and SSM). Recently, we are developing the Scanning Photovoltaic Probe.
Thermal Fluid Engineering Lab.
Thermal Fluid Engineering Lab.
Advisor Jaewon Chung
Tel 02-3290-3751
Location 2nd Engineering Building, #142
Link http://jwon91.wixsite.com/j1lab-kume
Research Focus Transient thermal analysis of commissioning test data of power plant, CFD simulation of spray breakup/evaporation (attemperator), Control logic of power plant operation, Jet splash phenomena (deaerator), Intelligent Hydronic Heating Systems and Home Automation
Introduction Our interest focuses in transient thermal analysis of power plant to improve the performance. Related to this, we have been carried out both CFD simulation and experiments for attemperator and deaerator.
sidLAB: scalefree integrative discovery laboratory
sidLAB: scalefree integrative discovery laboratory
Advisor Seok Chung
Tel +82-2-3290-3352
Location Innovation building 433, 516, b106
Link http://www.s-chung.com/micronano/
Research Focus Blood vessels & angiogenesis, nasal mucosa modeling, NI driven microflow, brain & stem cells, extracellular matrix, proteins & scaffolds, 3D beads& fibers and spheroids, Organoids.
Introduction Our research interest focuses in exploring the 2D & 3D in vitro models that closely mimics actual human bodies. We try to seek development of research and analysis of various micro environments, diseases, organs and cells in the human body.
Nano Convergence Technology Laboratory
Nano Convergence Technology Laboratory
Advisor Byung Yang Lee
Tel +82-2-3290-3350
Location Innovation bldg. 804
Link http://nctl.korea.ac.kr
Research Focus MEMS, nano engineering, bio engineering on the basis of physical understanding in micro/nano-scale
Introduction Our research interest focuses in exploring the coupling effect of mechanical and electrical behavior of novel materials and develop devices for sensors, energy generation, and environmental monitoring.
Multiscale Transport Laboratory
Nanoscale Transport Laboratory
Advisor Wonjoon Choi
Tel 02) 3290-5951
Location Innovation bldg. 805
Link https://sites.google.com/site/wojchoi3/
Research Focus combustion, energy conversion system, nano engineering, MEMS, heat transfer, fluid mechanics
Introduction Our research interests lie in thermal-fluidic-energy transport using multiscale hybrid structures. Current research topics are (1) multiscale platforms for active control of thermal-fluidic transport, (2) manipulation of materials via structure-guided combustion waves for energy applications, (3) thermal metamaterials for local heat flux control and (4) thermal analysis of multiphysics-multiscale systems.