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Applicants with sufficient Korean proficiency meeting one of the following conditions:
  • An applicant holding foreign citizenship whose parents are foreign citizens (not Korean citizens)
  • An applicant who completed the entire 16-year education from elementary school to university in foreign countries(not Korea)

Entrance requirements and admission procedures for Korean citizens to the Graduate School differ from the ones applicable to non-Korean citizens. Information for Korean citizen applicants, who do not meet the requirements above, is not included in this section. And applicants who are not eligible for foreign application should check the Korean Citizen Application process.

Language Proficiency Requirements

  • TOPIK level 3 or above
  • TOEFL PBT 550, CBT 210, iBT 80, IELTS 5.5 or TEPS 600 or above
  • Applicants who meet one of the following condition below
    1. English native speakers
    2. Applicants who have complete their Degree program (Bachelor's or higher) in English speaking countries.
    3. Applicants whose major is Korean Language in foreign countries.
    4. Applicants who have obtain a degree (Bachelor's or higher) in Korea

Applicants must meet one condition(A,B or C) from above. Language Proficiency test score should be taken within two years from the application deadline. Institutional Testing Program(ITP) TOEFL is not valid.

There can be creation, integration, divisions or changes in the names of recruiting units in accordance with adjustments to the academic organization. For admission-related information, please be sure to check with the admission page of the Korea University Graduate School Office. (graduate2.korea.ac.kr/gradeng/admission/eligibility.do#none)