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Dynamic forces in Korea University Mechanical Engineering exist in the outstanding education of human resources. Leading the path in Korea’s ABEEK program with 40 years of educational know-how and systematic design education programs, KUME produces global leaders through collaborative education with international corporations. Furthermore, with the increasing number of major course lectures given in English, we facilitate a better communication capability to invite more foreign students.

Creative and Practical Engineering Education
KUME conducts programs to nurture advanced practical knowledge and experiences essential to the future’s global innovator. KUME nurtures the innovation core of design abilities by administering the design courses from freshman to senior years. To achieve a global standard, KUME has diverse programs designated for students from freshmen to seniors, including Creative Machine Design for freshmen to Integrated Design for seniors. The applied courses in design will develop the students’ foundation and the potential of Korea’s Design Education.
ABEEK Accredited Program
ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea) assures that the graduates of accredited programs are qualified to start their professional careers in engineering. ABEEK has become a signatory member of the Washington Accord, which extends mutual recognition of substantial equivalence of accredited engineering educational programs between member countries. The KUME program was approved by ABEEK in 2006. In addition, KUME is playing a vital role in the establishment of the Engineering Education Innovation Center, and has proposed new schemes for Korea’s Engineering Education.
PACE (Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education) is a corporate alliance between General Motors, EDS, Sun Microsystems and UGS, with contributions from Alias, Altair Engineering, Fluent, Hewlett-Packard, LSTC and MSC Software. Founded in 1999, PACE has supported more than 35 leading academic institutions in nine countries around the world through the contribution of computer-based engineering and analysis with the practical skills they need for their professional careers. KUME joined the PACE program in 2006 and received up-to-date computer hardware in addition to engineering software worth 170 million US dollars. The PACE Center at Korea University is an effort to foster young, skilled engineers essential for the competitiveness of Korea by providing all necessary means of practical knowledge.
Industrial-Academic Collaboration
KUME is currently implementing a diverse network for collaborative education system with many corporations, including Hyundai Motors, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, and Doosan Heavy Industries. For instance, a researcher from a corporation would enter the graduate school and work on product development during the day while performing research as well as be educated in the evening. The great advantage of this graduate program is that through the aforementioned research, immediate feedback is possible to produce synergy effects in result. In addition, corporations could dispatch researchers to assigned research labs to carry out joint research.
58% of KUME Students Awarded Scholarships
In order to foster global leaders, Korea University runs diverse scholarship programs in which 58% students at KUME receive scholarships from the university, national scholarship foundations, corporations, voluntary donors and KUME alumni. The figure reaches almost 70% when industry-academy scholarships are included. In the case of graduate school, in addition to the scholarships from Korea University, students receive academic excellence scholarships, BK21 scholarships and teaching assistance scholarships. Most notably, through the active collaborations with corporations, such as customized graduate programs and industry-academy research cooperation, almost 100% of the graduate students are financially supported.
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Half of the Major Courses Offered in English
In order to strengthen global competitiveness, 50% of the lectures at KUME are given in English, and this figure is planned to increase up to 70%. Through this, we will facilitate improved communication capabilities to invite more foreign students into our global village. All KUME graduates are trained to communicate in English by taking at least ten major courses offered in English as one of graduate requirement. In addition, KUME has implemented the 'Foreign Scholar Invitation Program' for its annual summer school to broaden the opportunity for students to interact with international researchers.
International Programs
International Summer Campus
The International Summer Campus Program offers all-English lectures for students from all around the world. International scholars and students are accommodated at the hotel-type CJ International House. Any students having difficulties attending the program can take one-on-one lessons available at the Student Learning Center.
Exchange Student Program
Korea University, in collaboration with Yale University, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, University of Illinois, Waseda University, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Fudan University in China and 518 renowned universities in 57 countries, is administering credit transfers through student exchange systems and shared degree programs. During the visit, exchange students will not only accredit the course but gain an opportunity to learn about Korea and Korean culture, politics, economy and history at a low expense.
Visiting Student Program
Korea University provides a short-term nondegree study abroad program for international students from renowned universities such as, University of British Columbia in Canada, Royal Holloway University of London in UK, Griffith University in Australia, University of California in US, UC Davis and University of Pennsylvania. Korea University supports visiting student with Global KU Scholarships.