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Robotics / Automation


Intelligent Robotics Laboratory
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory
Advisor Jae Bok Song
Tel +82-2-923-3591
Location Innovation Hall Bldg. #427 & 706
Link http://robotics.korea.ac.kr/
Research Focus
  • - Robot arm design and control
  • - Navigation of indoor mobile robots
Introduction Oure research interest focuses in design and control of robot arms, and navigation of mobile robots. As for robot arms, we are developing collaborative robot arms and counterbalance robot arms, and researching safety techniques and robotic assembly algorithms for them. We are also researching autonomous navigation system for indoor mobile robots using vision and range sensors.
Mechatronics & Field Robotics
Mechatronics & Field Robotics
Advisor Daehie Hong
Tel 02) 3290-3748
Location Robot Convergence Building 504, 505, 506, 507 & 501
Link http://mfr.korea.ac.kr/
Research Focus Smart field robotics, 3D printing small buildings, smart forming manufacture system, vehicle driving system with the independent drive and the vehicle posture control in the roughed terrain road, GI Endoscopic Suture, Smart Exercise Machine, Intelligent Excavator System, Haptic Control of Demolition Robot
Introduction The researched in the Mechatronics & Field Robotics Lab. include Robotic Building Construction(include 3D printing), GI Endoscopic Suture, Smart Exercise Machine, Intelligent Excavator System, Haptic Control of Demolition Robot, and Climbing Robot for Building Maintenance and motor control using Cortex-M4 and motion control with LabVIEW
BioNanoMechanics Laboratory
BioNanoMechanics Laboratory
Advisor Sungsoo Na
Tel 02) 3290-3854
Location Innovation bldg. 333, B204A
Link https://sites.google.com/site/bionanomicslab/
Research Focus
  • Identification of the mechanical properties of disease-causing proteins
  • Detection of environmentally toxic nano-substances
  • Sensing of Cancer DNA using MEMS / NEMS technology
Introduction Our research interest focuses in expanding the traditional mechanical engineering vibration and dynamics theories aspect of disease-related biological proteins using simulations and devising techniques to sense environmentally toxic nano-agents using nano detectors.
Human-Machine Systems Lab.
Human-Machine Systems Lab.
Advisor Shinsuk Park
Tel +82-2-3290-3868
Location Innovation Hall Bldg. #313
Link http://hmslab.wixsite.com/hmslab/
Research Focus Human-Machine
Introduction The Human-Machine Systems lab was founded in 2005. His field of interest is the theoretical experimental study on the human-machine system. Currently, the human motion is based on the robot system and studies on the research.
Intelligent Systems & Robotics Laboratory
Intelligent Systems & Robotics Laboratory
Advisor Woojin Chung
Tel 02) 3290-3856
Location Innovation Hall 431
Link http://isr.korea.ac.kr
Research Focus
  • Position estimation, path planning and obstacle avoidance of indoor service robots
  • Position estimation and control fusing data of GNSS, laser range finder, gyroscope, sonar sensor of outdoor security robot
  • Control of the companion robot following human in daily environment
  • Accurate modeling of vehicle motions and sensors
Introduction We develop autonomous navigation technology, which is the main function of intelligent service robot. Verification of technical feasibility and usefulness is carried out through experiments using real robot platforms.