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Recognized as the best among all mechanical engineering programs in Korea by the Korean Council for University Education, KUME continues to pursue its goal to be a world-class research-oriented university. Leading the path of the best education and actualizing its dream to enter the global stage, KUME provides a global standard engineering education through Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK).

Engineering from A to Z

Mechanical engineering deals with creating and developing mechanical systems for the betterment of humanity. Mechanical engineering involves virtually every aspect of engineering including aerospace, automotive, bio-technology, chemical, computers, construction, energy, electronics, nano-technology, robotics, and others. Mechanical engineers are committed to making the world a better place by innovatively working with nature. From this perspective, mechanical engineering forms the foundation of engineering in general and yielding demand and career opportunities both in engineering and nonengineering companies worldwide. We are dedicated to impart students with creativity, fundamental principles, and leadership that will guide our students to be the world leaders across all sectors of science.

Realizing the Future with Technology

Humans have always dreamed of being able to fly. Leonardo da Vinci designed structures for the earliest flying machines some five hundred years ago. Four hundred years later, the Wright brothers engineered the first airplane. This is but one example of how mechanical engineering is an academic field that fulfills dreams and hopes that were once thought impossible. Korea University Mechanical Engineering will start you along the path of continuous imagination, challenge, and invention to make the impossible possible.

Realizing the Future with Technology
Fields of Study Contents
Next Generation Energy/ Environment
  • An academic field that performs research on efficient utilization of limited energy and reduction of environmental pollution
  • Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Energy engineering, Internal combustion engine, Automotive engineering
Robotics/ Automation
  • An academic field that designs and controls robots and automatic machines through the combination of mechanic engineering and electric/electronic engineering
  • Robotics, Dynamics, Introduction to electric/electronic engineering, Automatic control, Mechatronics, Microprocessor programming
Nano/Micro/ Bio Systems
  • An academic field that performs research on nano /micro machinery & technology / biotechnology
  • Introduction to nano engineering, Micro electro mechanical systems, Bioengineering
Intelligent Design and Manufacturing
  • An academic field that performs research on designing and manufacturing machinery and structures concerning aspects of economy, creativity, safety and productivity
  • Intelligent design, Kinematics, Computer aided design, Intelligent machine design: Capstone design, Design and manufacture of precision machinery
Advanced Materials and Mechano- Physics
  • An academic field that applies mechanics and various principles on the basis of materials and physics to create cutting edge machinery
  • Solid mechanics, Engineering materials, Finite element method, Mechanical behavior of material, Fluid dynamics, Fluid machinery, Computational fluid dynamics

Top Class ABEEK Program

Since 2006, the School of Mechanical Engineering has received continuous accreditation from ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea). Our graduates are highly recognized as professional engineers able to work anywhere in the world through our global standard engineering education system.

Word Class Research Achievements

Korea University has been recognized as the largest BK 21 research group by the Korean Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development with world class research centers including the Human-Oriented Product Innovation Research Center, the Robotic Manpower Training Center, the Energy Grid Manpower Training Center, and the Sustainable Growth Autonomous Navigation Research Center. Its world class research achievements are numerous.