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Next Generation Energy / Environment

Next Generation Energy/Environment

Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory
Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory
Advisor Simsoo Park
Tel +82-2-3290-3869
Location Innovation Hall Bldg. #424
Link http://ice.korea.ac.kr
Research Focus Vehicle, Energy and Environment, Engine, Combustion, Emissions
Introduction Our laboratory focuses in internal combustion engine (gasoline, diesel and LPG), exhaust gas and atmosphere environment. Also we research about real driving emission to figure out the effect of vehicle exhaust gas.
Energy System & Turbomachinery Laboratory
Energy System & Turbomachinery Laboratory
Advisor Jin Taek Chung
Tel 02) 921-8512
Location Innovation bldg. 332 / Wind tunnel bldg. 203
Link http://turbo.korea.ac.kr
Research Focus Fluid dynamics, Aerodynamics, Heat transfer, Turbomachinery, Internal combustion engine, Paint Mixing Agitator, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Introduction Our research interest focuses in fluid dynamics, aerodynamics and heat transfer of turbomachines, internal combustion engines, paint mixing agitators etc.
HVAC & Two-phase Flow Lab.
HVAC & Two-phase Flow Lab.
Advisor Yongchan Kim
Tel +82-2-921-5946
Location Innovation Hall Bldg. 330
Link http://hvac.korea.ac.kr
Research Focus Renewable Energy System, Advanced HVAC System, Advanced Refrigeration System, Green Energy Technology
Introduction Our research area is advanced HVAC, refrigeration system, green technology and renewable energy system based on thermodynamics and heat transfer.
Energy Materials Circulation Laboratory (EMCL)
Energy Materials Circulation Laboratory (EMCL)
Advisor Yong Tae Kang
Tel 02) 3290-5952
Location Innovation bldg. 616
Link http://emcl.korea.ac.kr/
Research Focus Nanofluid, Heat and mass transfer, Refrigeration and air conditioning, CO2 capture/conversion, Characteristics of Low GWP refrigerants, Absorption heat pump
Introduction Our lab primarily focuses on designing environmental-friendly refrigeration system. CO2 capture/conversion using nanoabsorbents, CO2 hydrate formation, characteristics of Low GWP refrigerants and refrigeration and air conditioning systems are studied.
Solar Cell & Aerosol science Laboratory
Solar Cell & Aerosol science Laboratory
Advisor Sam S. Yoon
Tel 02)3290-3861
Location Innovation bldg. 423
Link http://solarcellaerosol.korea.ac.kr
Research Focus
  1. Self healing nanofiber for anti-corrosion and advanced composites
  2. Transparent flexible electronics (conducting films)
  3. Transparent flexible heaters
  4. Thermal & electrical barrier insulation
  5. Electronics cooling & pool boiling via nanotexturing
  6. Photocatalysis (water splitting)
  7. Water purification membranes
  8. Thin film solar cells (CIGS)
  9. Wettability control (superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces)
  10. Computational material science
  11. Computational fluid dynamics
  12. Energy harvesting
  13. Nanofibers for medical treatments
  14. Nanofibers for light scattering
Introduction We are focusing researches such as electronics thermal management, heater, thermal barrier coating; supersonic cold spraying, inkjet printing, electrospraying, electrospinning, aerosol deposition; surface modification (superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic), self-cleaning, self-healing composite materials with focus in energy and environment applications.
Renewable Energy System Laboratory (RES Lab)
Renewable Energy System Laboratory (RES Lab)
Advisor Joon Hyung Shim
Tel 02) 3290-3353
Location 2nd Engineering Building, Room 211
Link http://reslab.co.kr
Research Focus Fuel Cell (SOFC, PEMFC) / Thin Film (ALD, AACVD, Sputtering, Inkjet printing and etc) / Smart Grid (Economic feasibility simulation)
Introduction Our research interest lies in developing high-performance energy devices with engineered components fabricated by novel thin film technologies.
Optimized Energy Conversion Systems
Optimized Energy Conversion Systems
Advisor Hoseong Lee
Tel 02)3290-3891
Location Engineering bldg. annex 605
Link http://optimum.korea.ac.kr
Research Focus energy conversion systems, renewable energy, energy storage systems, advanced heat pump systems, computational fluid mechanics
Introduction Our research interest focuses in organic Rankine cycle (ORC), energy storage systems, thermal management systems, advanced heat pump systems and energy management.